Where to Park: Street parking alongside Miraleste Trail 4240 Miraleste Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
Things to Chase: Lizards, Birds, Rabbits
Crowd Level: Never busy on weekdays.
Intensity Level: Easy loop available; overall Moderate.
Pros: Mostly shaded except for North La Cañada Trail and half of the Siena Loop Trail. Very bucolic in spring and summer.
Cons: Lots of wood chips to walk on. Only one trash can for poop bags. Seeing lots of pools we can't swim in.
Make Sure You Bring: A twist tie to gather multiple poop bags.
The Miraleste Trail network has some great trail options can choose from or do in succession if you're in the mood for a longer walk. 

For an easy route, head North on the Miraleste Trail and take the lower La Cañada Trail. There will be a short hill to reach the Lorraine Trail but it's totally doable. At the end of the Lorraine Trail walk across Miraleste Drive and head North back to your parking spot.​​​​​​​
The La Cañada Trail, Lorraine Trail, and Colina Trail have great views of Los Angeles. In the winter you can see the snow covered mountains. 
For a kick-your-butt route, head North on the Miraleste Trail and take the upper La Cañada Trail. Walk along the Palos Verdes Drive East sidewalk and turn right on Via Cañada street. The trail entrance is on the right after the first house. It's a little sneaky but it's legit. When you get to the bridge head up the hill and make a left to get to the Lorraine Trail. Take the Lorraine Trail to the end and cross Miraleste Drive. Walk down the hill of Via Colinita (quickly) and the Siena Loop Trail will be on your right. After you've hike the loop, cross the street and take the Colinita Trail to the end and then trail back the same route. I don't recommend exiting on Palos Verdes Drive East since the cars drive fast and the trail back is a nice cool down. Once you've made it back to Via Colinita street walk across Miraleste Drive and take the Miraleste Trail back to your parking spot.
The Frascati Trail isn't recommended for a couple reasons. The initial hill you have to scale is insane and not worth it. It's more of a really steep slope that leads up to a street so you kind of feel like a fleeing inmate when you reach the top. The narrow trail itself is okay and there was a small creek but it ultimately felt less satisfying than the other trails in the network.

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