Where to Park: Parking lot at 834 Paseo Del Mar, San Pedro, CA 90731
Things to Chase: Lizards, Gophers, Birds, Motorcycle Drive Bys
Crowd Level: Not busy on weekdays before 4pm; local crowd gathers in the afternoons. Weekends are busy.
Intensity Level: Up to you! Chill in the park or hike the Fort MacArthur Trails.
Pros: Amazing views. Park is connected to a historic military space and the Korean Friendship Bell. Off-leash okay in certain areas. Lots of trashcans throughout.
Cons: When it's busy there are lots of dogs and not all owners pay attention to their off-leash pups.
Make Sure You Bring: A charged phone for lots of photos!
Joan Milke Flores Park is one of our favorite spots for many great reasons. The vast ocean views with Catalina in the distance make for a picturesque adventure, and the perpetual breeze is quite nice on hot days.​​​​​​​

If you're in the mood for a mellow picnic or pumped for more of a hike with some historical zest, this park has got you covered. All levels welcome!
To access the park follow the paved path from the parking lot that leads up the hill towards the picnic tables. At the top of the hill the park opens up to a vast grass area that's great for gopher hunting, playing fetch, and chasing motorcycles that drive by. 

The park is in the process of becoming an off-leash park so there's a grey area now...meaning it's okay to be off-leash in certain areas as long as you keep an eye on your pup. The entire park is fenced except for the parking lot entrance.
Behind the hill is a lovely shaded area with lots of large trees—perfect for a post-walk cool down or just taking a minute to enjoy the view.

If you're feeling adventurous we definitely recommend climbing the next hill to the Fort MacArthur Museum. Once you reach the top be sure to leash your pup since it's a working museum and visitors can enter from Leavenworth Drive.
The Fort MacArthur Museum is a truly unique place to be able to explore with your pup. The grounds are peppered with military memorabilia making it feel like you've stepped on to a movie set. Inside the Battery tunnels is the actual museum and definitely worth checking out (no pups allowed). 

In this area there's no right or wrong trail to take. Mainly because the trails are short and it's worth wandering the entire museum area. You can choose to go right and walk along the concrete emplacement or follow the path behind the cannon. ​​​​​​​
If you still have pep in your step and want to check out the Korean Friendship Bell, head back down towards the parking lot and follow any of the paths up the hill on the south side of the separating fence. 

You'll encounter more people around the Bell regardless of which day you go so definitely keep your pup on a leash. Expect skateboarders or kite flyers. Also watch out for broken glass in the areas below the Bell. 

Feel free to get close to the Bell and check out the amazingly detailed craftsmanship. It's also a perfect backdrop for pup photoshoots! 

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