Where to Park: Anywhere on the South side of Paseo Del Mar
Things to Chase: Birds, Crabs, Ground Squirrels, Lizards
Crowd Level: Very few people on weekdays. Weekends aren't too busy but warmer weekends can be. 
Intensity Level: Trails back up can be steep but aren't long. The rocky shore requires good balance.
Pros: A meditative place to explore and be close to the ocean. Off-leash is okay.
Cons: Shoes can get wet. Might pass through a "campsite" if you take Trail 1.
Make Sure You Bring: Fresh water for your pup and an extra bag to pick up any trash in the seaweed.
The Friendship Tide Pools are an awesome place to explore with your pup! There are a few options for heading down the cliffside, our favorite being Trail 3.

Trail 1 is the longest option and begins off the East edge of the stairway entrance. The path weaves through the cliffside and you might pass through a "campsite" so be prepared for that. Eventually the path ends at a spot that's manageable to jump down. 
Trail 2 is currently fenced off but you can easily walk around it or over it since the fence is usually laying on the ground. The cement path leads to the Staircase to the Ocean which is rather steep and slightly rickety. 

Going down is easy and walking up is a bit of a workout—doable but we recommend taking Trail 3 back up. 
Trail 3 is located on the west side of the bridge that separates the grassy stretch along Paseo Del Mar. The entrance is rather hidden (see photo) but it's by far the easiest way down and up. The trail alternates between dirt and cement, and the switchback spreads out the incline nicely.
Once you've reached the rocky shoreline the world is your oyster. Find a mermaid rock to perch on, inspect the tiny ecosystems in the tide pools, leap from rock to rock and see how far you get! Tennis balls are likely to get lost so only bring one(s) you're okay with losing. 

Side note for our eco-friendly friends out there: If you have an extra poop bag feel free to grab any small trash you see along the way. No pressure but it's always nice to leave a place better than when you arrived.​​​​​​​
Want to check out this spot before making the trip? Explore with us!

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